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The topics in this section provide some basic information about Rootsmagic, what it is for, and what you can do with it.

How to get started

When you exit RootsMagic, you are prompted to backup the current database or all open databases. However, if you close a database from within RootsMagic, the program does not automatically backup the database before closing it. Therefore, before you close a database from within RootsMagic, you must initiate the backup yourself by selecting "File, Backup" from the main menu, if you want to create a backup (and you should.)

The Basics – Working with databases

The Display – What everything on the screen is for

People – Adding, editing, and manipulating them

Searching – How to find people and other information

Sources – Documenting your information

Pictures – Working with multimedia

Printing – Creating reports, lists, and charts


Sharing data – Transferring data between different programs


Research Tools

Other features

LDS Support