Backing Up a Database

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As with most software programs, you should back up your RootsMagic data files regularly. There are few things more frustrating than losing the data you've entered so diligently just because you forgot to back up your files. If you enter a large number of people or events in each session, you should back up your files before you close the program. We also recommend backing up your files after each session when you have a very large database, since the large amount of data you could lose would be difficult to replace.

RootsMagic does not have a Save command, because it is a database program that saves your work as you are working on it. Because the program saves your work many times during each session, you cannot remove changes you made in the current session by simply closing the program and not backing up the file.

To back up your database:

  1. Select the File page, then click Backup.
  2. RootsMagic suggests a backup file name that includes the database name and the date. Usually you would leave this as is.
  3. Choose whether to save your backup to:
    • Your computer (floppy, USB, hard drive). If you choose to save to a floppy, USB, or hard drive, you will need to select the folder or drive you want to save to.
    • Dropbox. You will be asked to sign in to Dropbox, and also to give permission for RootsMagic to save the backup. The backup file (.rmbackup) will be saved in the Apps > RootsMagic folder of your Dropbox account.
  4. Confirm the destination for the backup. The default folder (drive and directory path) are shown. If a different location is desired, click the Browse button to navigate to the desired location. You can create a new folder if required.
  5. Click the Backup button.

Only the current database is backed up when you use the Backup command. To back up more than one database, open each one and repeat the above steps.

Backing up media Note that when you back up your files, any images or other items that you set up in the Media Album are not included in the backup by default. If you want to include these files, mark the checkbox "Backup media files" and RootsMagic will include your media files in the backup. Keep in mind that if you have a lot of media items, this can make your backup file enormous.

When you restore a backup that includes media, RootsMagic will ask if you want to restore the media as well. If you are restoring your backup to a computer that already has your media items, you should select "No". When RootsMagic restores media items from a backup it places them in a folder under the folder containing the database and relinks the database to those newly restored media items.

Caution RootsMagic only prompts you to backup your databases when you exit the program. If you edit a database and are ready to close it, but not exit the program, you must run the backup program from the File, Backup menu before closing the database.