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RootsMagic lets you set relationships for everyone in the database to a selected person. Highlight a person on the Person page, then click the Edit button (pencil) and select "Set relationships" from the menu. If the correct person is not shown, click the "Show relationships.." button to bring up RootsMagic Explorer to find and select the correct person.

Set Relationships

You can then click "Set relationships" and RootsMagic will calculate how everyone in the database is related (blood relationships) to that person. You can also click "Clear relationships" to clear the relationships between the person and the others in the database.

As you then move from person to person in the database, the side panel info box will display how the highlighted person is related to the person you set relationships for.

Set Relationship Display

Note: "Set relationships" sets the relationship for the people currently in the database. If you add additional people to the database they will not display a relationship until you run the command again.