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RootsMagic offers numerous ways to search for people in your file.

Search from Person Page

There are several ways to search for a person directly from views in the People page:

  1. Side List Index - On the People page side list, select the Index view. You can begin typing a name to filter the index to find a person. The following options are available:
    • Type the last name, then a comma, then the given name(s)
    • If you want to find all people with a given name, type comma then the given name(s).
    • To find the person with a specific record number, just type that record number.
  2. People List view - On the People List view, you can use the same search options as in the side list Index to filter the people list.
  3. Couple List view - On the Couple List view, you can use the same search options as in the side list Index. RootsMagic will search both the father and mother in the view.
  4. Root Person - You can select any person as the "root person" for your file, and then quickly jump to that person. To set the root person, select the person then click the Edit button (pencil) on the Person page and select Set Root Person. To jump to the root person, click the Home button on the Person page.
  5. Bookmarks - RootsMagic lets you create and jump to bookmarked people.
  6. History List - During each session, RootsMagic will keep track of people you have visited on the Person page. You can view the History List and jump to anyone in the list from the History view.

Person Search

The basic Person Search on the Search page lets you search for people with a few more options than those on the People page. You can search for people using name, sex, birth or death year, or record number.

Person Search (Advanced)

The Advanced Person search on the Search page lets you search for people using almost any criteria you can think of.


WebSearch on the Search page lets you search online websites for people in your file.

Find Everywhere

Find Everywhere is a global search feature where you enter text, and RootsMagic searches everywhere in the file for that text. Find Everywhere will search for people, families, events, places, notes, sources, citations, media, to-do items, research logs, and more for matches to text within any one of their fields.

Search and Replace

Search and Replace lets you search for text within different kinds of records in RootsMagic and replace any found text with different text. You can access Search and Replace from the 3 dot menu button on the Search page.