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8.2.7 - 12 NOV 2022

  • Fixed: Issue with Ancestry dropping connection after 1 hour
  • Fixed: Other minor Ancestry issues
  • Fixed: Minor FamilySearch issues
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.2.6 - 28 OCT 2022

  • Fixed: Resizing the Map view on a Mac would crash the program
  • Fixed: Header (and Footer) text could overwrite each other
  • Fixed: Clicking on large lists (10K+ people) could highlight the wrong person
  • Fixed: Some living people were marked as deceased when uploading to Ancestry
  • Fixed: Citation name was not editable for source templates w/ no template details
  • Fixed: Pasting combined latitude/longitude into a field no longer loses the last digit of the latitude
  • New: FamilySearch import will now include other spouses of direct ancestors
  • Fixed: Setting a fact to Primary wasn't clearing primary for other facts of the same type
  • Fixed: Children in 2 families with a shared parent would show that parent's info twice in Edit Person
  • Fixed: Custom report text centered or right justified in cells wasn't printing properly
  • Fixed: Fan Charts now use the currently selected parents of each person when printing
  • Fixed: Cleaned up display on Ancestry compare media lists
  • Fixed: Source citations were not printing on FGS for LDS ordinances
  • Fixed: Parent notes were printing 3 times on FGS
  • Fixed: Numerous minor report fixes
  • Fixed: Numerous minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.2.5 - 6 SEP 2022

  • New: Can resize columns in the FamilySearch person tools Find Matches list
  • New: Search and replace can now search name notes
  • Fixed: Frequent random access violations encountered by some Mac users
  • Fixed: Tab key skipping edit fields randomly
  • Fixed: Issues with the "Date edited" when using non English versions of Windows
  • Fixed: When possible duplicate screen comes up, the child list for a person was blank
  • Fixed: On Add Media screen the cursor starts in the Filename field instead of the media type dropdown
  • Fixed: Mouse wheel on Couple List view (and other lists) now scrolls by 4 lines instead of full screens
  • Fixed: Age on Edit Person wasn't showing for living facts after a Will fact
  • Fixed: Folder highlight on Task page would disappear when saving a task
  • Fixed: Paste Citation now shows both the Source and Citation name
  • Fixed: Some FTM notes would have RTF formatting codes after import
  • Fixed: Some GEDCOM files could crash when imported on Mac
  • Fixed: Some GEDCOM exports could crash on Mac
  • Fixed: Numerous minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.2.0 - 27 JUN 2022

  • New: CountyCheck (when editing facts... option in Settings)
  • New: CountyCheck Explorer (Place page menu)
  • New: RootsMagic To-Go (Files page)
  • New: Shareable Drive (Publish page)
  • Fixed: Task folders couldn't be selected to Edit or Delete
  • Fixed: Adding or editing a source / citation starts with cursor in edit field
  • Fixed: Enabled text copy from FS update screen
  • Fixed: Using Task Folder search box could cause crash
  • Fixed: Splitter on some screens weren't working right
  • Fixed: Merging duplicates didn't update sidebar index list
  • New: Added new LDS temples
  • Fixed: Numerous Ancestry issues
  • Fixed: Numerous FamilySearch issues
  • Fixed: Add Child, Spouse, or Parent screen didn't display children in the display panel
  • Fixed: Sort date wasn't updating in some rare editing situations
  • Fixed: Issues with lists not retaining current selection after editing, etc
  • Fixed: Search box now works on "Unused places" list
  • Fixed: Unused places didn't sort properly in "reverse places" mode
  • Fixed: Search > Person search would crash if cleared and searched a second time
  • Fixed: Styles and fonts are saved after running a report
  • Fixed: Family facts were printing twice on Who Was There report
  • Fixed: Sped up Who was There report
  • Fixed: FGS was showing fact descriptions and alternate names in the Place Index
  • Fixed: Marriage note was printing twice on individual summary report
  • Fixed: FGS was not showing description field for some family facts
  • Fixed: Task List report now can include people, families, addresses, and repositories
  • Fixed: Information box in sidebar was displaying age for facts after death
  • New: Added AutoSearch for WebSearch
  • Fixed: Various crashing bugs
  • Fixed: Numerous minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.8 - 17 MAR 2022

  • New: Added Autosearch option to WebSearch
  • New: Can now restore an RM7 Backup into a new RM8 file
  • Fixed: Downloading large FamilySearch trees could give an "out of memory" error
  • Fixed: Some sources didn't upload properly to Ancestry
  • Fixed: Full images were not uploading to MyRootsMagic sites
  • Fixed: Primary photos now upload to Ancestry and set profile pic
  • Fixed: GEDCOM and Drag and Drop preserve Task repositories, sources, and media
  • Fixed: Accessing an Ancestry tree via TreeShare that is deleted or you don't have rights to handled more gracefully
  • Fixed: Search queries using sources could cause the next Ancestry TreeShare to fail
  • Fixed: Drag and drop would changed primary name media links to general media links
  • Fixed: Contributor is now displayed on FamilySearch facts when clicking info icon
  • Fixed: Dates uploaded to Ancestry will use whatever date format you have selected in RM
  • Fixed: Additional Ancestry bugs
  • Fixed: Additional FamilySearch bugs
  • Fixed: Numerous small bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.7 - 17 FEB 2022

  • New: Ages are now displayed for events in the People view side panel
  • New: Task List report can optionally print all people using each task
  • Fixed: Custom events work properly with FamilySearch now
  • Fixed: Issues with sources not uploading to Ancestry when re-uploading a previously disconnected tree. Disconnect the tree (even if it already is) and then upload it.
  • Fixed: Can select all ordinances on FamilySearch screen by clicking column header
  • Fixed: Mac crashes with some features run from Command Palette on second monitor
  • Fixed: Mac crashes with "Customize Add Person" on second monitor
  • Fixed: Find everywhere searches Citation name now
  • Fixed: Find everywhere searches addresses and repositories now
  • Fixed: When selecting multiple people (like when sharing facts) you can now enter a record number in the search field
  • Fixed: Numerous small bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.6 - 9 FEB 2022

  • New: Can now share facts with multiple people at once
  • New: No longer need to save fact before selecting Place Details
  • New: List of citations for a fact now display both source name and citation name
  • New: Add Parents will now prompt to add a marriage event after adding father and mother
  • New: Added double click selecting to a bunch of lists (Add person, Add source, etc)
  • New: Box charts now can print a Place Index
  • New: Custom reports can now save to Excel and CSV
  • Fixed: Numerous crashing bugs on Mac
  • Fixed: Numerous freezing bugs on Mac
  • Fixed: Source hyperlinks on FamilySearch Share Data info panels now work
  • Fixed: Adding media tag wasn't letting you to set primary checkbox
  • Fixed: Narrative report pictures for children weren't aligning properly
  • Fixed: Sort dates were incorrect when importing from RootsMagic 1-3
  • Fixed: Adding existing source and existing citation displayed wrong footnote
  • Fixed: Occasional crashes when closing FamilySearch Central
  • Fixed: Crash when adding a note from RootsMagic to FamilySearch
  • Fixed: Now removes a person from the FamilySearch "Changed" list after viewing the person
  • Fixed: Numerous small bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.5 - 3 JAN 2022

  • Fixed: Setting primary media wasn't sticking

8.1.4 - 31 DEC 2021

  • Fixed: FamilySearch WebSearch (broke when FS changed the search parameters)
  • Fixed: Source problems when using the Back button when Adding a Source
  • Fixed: Added "Slate" back to the color coding color grid
  • Fixed: Downloading from Ancestry would duplicate source repository for each citation
  • Fixed: Date Edited is preserved on GEDCOM and Drag and Drop
  • Fixed: Clicking Shared icon in Edit Person list opens Shared panel now
  • Fixed: Clicking root position on Pedigree view when a couple w/ no children now adds the new person as a child
  • Fixed: Changing a media item now updates the thumbnail
  • Fixed: SQLite error on Task "Select Folder" search
  • Fixed: Numerous small bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.3 - 2 DEC 2021

  • Fixed: Saving or backing up to Dropbox on Mac now works
  • Fixed: Overlapping images on narrative reports
  • Fixed: Family Group Sheet now includes the description field for facts
  • Fixed: Edit button on media viewer now uses the "open" association making it easier to select your desired media viewing program
  • Fixed: Note editor Ctrl+V is now paste and Ctrl+Shift+V is now paste as plain text
  • Fixed: Family Origins import
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter when transcribing on the Edit Media form would close the screen
  • Fixed: Adding a child to a single male now includes the father's surname
  • Fixed: Life span (1800-1895) now uses Chr/Bur if Birth/Death aren't available (on pedigree, family, and descendant views)
  • Fixed: A backup with media created on Windows didn't restore media properly on Mac
  • Fixed: A backup with media created on Mac didn't restore media properly on Windows
  • Fixed: Deleting citations could accidentally delete the source
  • Fixed: Adding a person to RM from FamilySearch now includes any ordinances
  • Fixed: Sending a source from RM to FamilySearch would swap Christen and Death tags
  • Fixed: Copying a relative from RM to FamilySearch now properly links the person in FamilySearch
  • Fixed: Copying an event from RM to FamilySearch now updates FamilySearch side
  • Fixed: Copying a relative from RM to FamilySearch now updates FamilySearch side
  • Fixed: Minor fixes
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.2 - 18 NOV 2021

  • New: Image viewer now includes media fields (caption, description, etc) to allow transcription, tagging, etc. while zoomed
  • New: Marriage year is displayed for spouses and parents in Info bar
  • New: Selecting a spouse or parents in Info bar now makes it the current spouse or parents for the person
  • Fixed: Issues when switching from Couple view to Pedigree view
  • Fixed: Report titles using [Person] or [Couple] had last letter cut off
  • Fixed: Source templates using [Person] had last letter cut off
  • Fixed: Footnote section on Edit Citation panel is adjustable in height
  • Fixed: Minor fixes
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.1 - 10 NOV 2021

  • New: Added support for "modern" (Edge) browser in WebSearch. NOTE: If you still get the old IE browser after updating, you may need to download and install the update directly to get the necessary files installed https://rootsmagic.com/download/rootsmagic-8/.
  • New: Added "View" and "Edit" buttons for edit media panel. "View" displays images in viewer. "Edit" opens the media item in the media editing program associated with the media type.
  • New: View media is now a modeless window to allow transcribing data from image
  • New: Added Edit Date to Edit person form
  • Fixed: Program wouldn't open properly on some systems
  • Fixed: Media drag and drop didn't work properly on some systems
  • Fixed: Mapping markers wouldn't work properly on some systems
  • Fixed: Numerous Windows display issues when scaling is greater than 100%
  • Fixed: Issue with "out of memory" when downloading large Ancestry trees
  • Fixed: Can now "Unmatch" from a person that has been deleted on FamilySearch
  • Fixed: Changes through Ancestry or FamilySearch didn't update Edit Date for person
  • Fixed: Numerous small FamilySearch issues
  • Fixed: Numerous small Ancestry issues
  • Fixed: Some Mac printing issues
  • Fixed: Minor fixes
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.0 - 1 NOV 2021

  • New: Added Custom Reports
  • Fixed: Ctrl+V now pastes w/o the formatting. Ctrl+Shift+V is now "Paste formatted"
  • Fixed: Paste formatted no longer crashes w/ "Unexpected error"
  • Fixed: Opening Edit Person from Places > Events wasn't showing person's name in sentence
  • Fixed: When deleting place details, it was possible to accidentally delete the place instead
  • Fixed: Deleting a fact now updates the Edit Date
  • Fixed: Add citation was opening with master source expanded which could lead to a user changing the master source unwittingly
  • Fixed: Minor fixes
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.0.4 - 11 OCT 2021

  • New: Added Alt+XXXX support for entering diacritics in Windows
  • New: Added character map (Ctrl+T or right click menu) for edit fields and notes
  • New: Wiki article on entering diacritics ( Entering International Characters)
  • New: Added color grid to Color Coding for selecting color
  • Fixed: Program now asks for confirmation before overwriting a GEDCOM file
  • Fixed: Source fields don't strip off leading 0's anymore
  • Fixed: Entering a diacritic on Mac doesn't insert an extra character anymore
  • Fixed: Minor fixes
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.0.1 - 2 OCT 2021

  • New: Selecting File > Open to try and open a RootsMagic 7 file now directs the user to Import
  • Fixed: Beta testers with expired keys can now open in Essentials mode to Reset the registration key (Ctrl+Shift+U) to enter their real key
  • Fixed: Some Ancestry and FamilySearch login issues
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.0.0 - 30 SEP 2021

  • Official version release of RootsMagic 8