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The Home page contains information about the current file (if one is open), as well as news, links to help, and information about program updates.

Home Page With No Open File

When you first start RootsMagic, the Home page will be selected and will offer the option to create a new file or open an existing file. It will also display any files you recently opened and you can click the file name to open that file.

Home page with no file open

RootsMagic Files

The RootsMagic Files section allows you to:


The News section displays articles from the RootsMagic Blog. Once you have read an article, RootsMagic will remove the gold star from in front so that you know you've already read it.

Help and Support

The Help and Support section displays links where you can get additional help with RootsMagic, including Webinars, RootsMagic TV, Magic Guides, and Technical Support.


The Updates section shows whether there are any program updates available and more information about the update. You can click the update link to have RootsMagic automatically download and install it.

Home Page With Open File

Once you open a file, the Home page will change to display the file properties rather than the new / open file commands. The News, Help, and Updates sections remain the same as when no file is open.

Home page with a file open