Deleting a Database

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Deleting a database removes the database from your computer, including all the people, families, notes, and sources in the database. Before you proceed with the deletion, make sure that you no longer need this information.

Note: You may want to make a backup copy of the database before deleting it just for safety.

To delete a database:

  • With the database that you want to delete selected on your screen, choose the File page, then Tools, then Delete
  • The program displays the name of the database to be deleted, warns you that deleting the database will completely erase the database from the your hard drive, and asks if you want to continue with the deletion. Because deleting a database cannot be undone, you must click to check the box indicating "Yes, I want to delete this database before clicking the Yes button. If you decide you don’t want to delete the database after all just click the Cancel button.